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Recommended Download driver for: ASUS RT-N12 (VER.B1)
Category Network
Manufacturer ASUS
Supported System Win 7, Win 10, Win XP, Win 8, Win Vista, Win 8.1, Win Server 2003
File Size 2448 kb
Released 05/18/2015
Device ASUS RT-N12 (VER.B1)
MD5 31ebc59da8361fd4180dd053119562cd
Description Firmware for ASUS RT-N12 (VER.­B1)
1.­ Enhance Repeater mode throughput
2.­ Enhance system stability
3.­ Add Parental Control supporting
4.­ Fix wireless issues
5.­ Fix networking issues
6.­ Fix Web GUI issues
7.­ Fix crash issue (PPPoE)

What You Should Know About Driver Updating

There are a number of typical alerts along with other messages which you might get in the driver upgrading process, a number of which I've paraphrased and listed here as well as guidance on how to proceed:

Windows cannot verify that the driver is compatible: If you're sure this driver is the right one, touch or click Yes to continue installing it. If you think you might have the driver for the wrong model or something like that, in which case you should look for other INF files or maybe an entirely different driver download, choose No.

To download and update the driver for ASUS RT-N12 (VER.B1) yourself (If you are a geek)

It's best to let Windows install device drivers automatically. But if Windows can't find a driver for your ASUS RT-N12 (VER.B1), you can look for a driver on the manufacturer's website of ASUS. Driver updates are often available in the support section of such sites.

Once you find the updated driver, follow the installation instructions on the website. Most drivers are self-installing—after you download them, you usually double-click the file to begin the installation, and then the driver installs itself on your computer. But make sure your are downloading drivers from a safe website to avoid virus attack or registry corruption. Download a professional driver updater or find a geek to help you.

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Description Compatibility Fix Driver Problems
Driver Update Tool
Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP
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